Projects That will WOW your students......


These are the projects I presented at MACUL (Michigan Association for Computer Users in Learning)


Curriculum should drive the use of technology. Students should be challenged and inspired by the use of technology, bringing creativity to every aspect of the curriculum. There was a time when money dictated the technology experience students would have at home and school. If a school did not have the funds to buy programs, update  their software, students were at a disadvantage. Now, schools have the opportunity to even playing fields, Schools that have confidence in their technology coordinator and technology teacher can achieve high standards. Of course, money is crucial in having the necessary hardware and internet connections...but after that, the sky's the limit!

Wowing students and parents is easy after that!

Below each example is the website of either activities, lesson plans or more video examples.



3rd Grade Wax Museum

EVERYONE should have an animoto account!



Junior High/Movie Maker/Language Arts



Junior High     Spanish



4th Grade and up    Language Arts



5th Grade and up    Language Arts........As seen on GRTV 



6th Grade    Science/Language Arts



Pivot Stick Figures(Free)  They all LOVE  this program  1st-8th...broadcasted on GRTV




This was a 5th grade project




2nd 3rd and 4th Grade     Science/Social Studies....and content




Celtic Knots    Junior High   Art/Math/Multicultural




Internet Safety (students also created movies for content areas)

All Grades, I have used this for 1st-8th grade

Free.....teachers can sign up for an account and all students can utilize the account at one time.

Find more videos like this on MACUL Space




2nd/3rd Grade    Science/Language Arts




Wacky Tales   Language Arts/Grammar/Art    3rd/4th/5th Grade





What else?


Great Vocabulary catcher! (free 30 second  movies)



PivotStick figures (free download)



Cam Studio (free download)



MACUL ning (sign up and you can upload your videos and audio for free, then embed them into your wiki/webpage)



MovieMaker tutorial



Sign up for a FREE stat counter(s). Assign students homework to check out some of the activities you make on your webpage/wiki. Put a free stat counter on it, and see how many students actually went to your site.




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