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Page history last edited by Susan Jazwiec 10 years, 2 months ago

$1,700,000,000 Business.....

do you think they are trying to hook you?


Video games can be fun and a good pastime......but, just like everything else...too much of a good thing, might not be so good. (As my Grandma Mary use to say!)











The Psychology Behind Playing Video Games

Video games can be found everywhere.....handheld, CD's, and online. When playing online games, you are able to connect with people from all over the world, and all ages. The gaming compamies are only getting bigger and ......better? New games and new equipment, allow the companies to continually change.


It doesn't take long to get hooked...........................


Why do games HOOK us?

  • People have short attention spans for situations that move too slowly
  • Some feel board games move too slowly
  • Video Games
    • Give our nervous system a boost
    • Spikes our attention
    • We feel the excitement
    • Enjoy the mental barage of stimulus
    • Allows for instant gratification 
    • We escape the world around us, focusing all of our attentions to the task ahead and the next and the next
  • Gamers Behavior
    • Blanked out...if you speak to them you may get no response
    • Trance-like behavior
      • A form of escapism 
    • Its as if they need to be "woken" up from their game 
  • Nothing but themselves and the computer system matter for long periods of time 



Non stop talking about the "game"

Becomes more violent

Taking more chances

Loss of interest in family, friends, school, sports

Sacrifices- willing to sacrifice food, school, friends, outtings....to get more gaming time




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