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Top Sites to Get Students to Create

These are my favorites tools you can use to get your students presenting! Included is a brief description and helpful links to facilitate using these tools more effectively in the classroom. I have also included the links to the free educator accounts for each of these sites.

Prezi-the alternative to PowerPoint. Create non-linear presentations with images, text, video, and cool transitions.





  • Google Tools for Educators- Students collaborate in real time to create slideshows, drawings, documents, and more that are on the web and can easily be embedded. Google has numerous free apps that make collaboration and creation easy!
  • VoiceThread- Integrate slides, drawings, videos, and images. People can leave comments in a variety of formats. See these resources for examples.
  • Glogster- An interactive and multimedia poster. 
  • Zoho Shows- Similar to Google apps, but you also have great drag and drop features! Very useful alternative if you can’t get Google apps in your school. Includes pre-built themes, clipart and shapes.
  • Animoto- Make videos with creative common images and audio. Upload your own images, video clips, and audios.
  • Empressr-Upload video, images and audio to create cool slideshows with impressive effects. Use the charting and table tools, import images from Flickr, embed your presentation on your blog, and create a backchannel with Twitter during your presentation.
  • Masher- Create a video by mixing video clips, music tracks, and images. These can be from your own library or choose from a huge library of audio, video, and music content, which are free to use. Easily embed it in your blog.
  • PhotoPeach-  Slideshows and quizzes with music that embed on your websites or blogs.
  • JayCut- This exciting video editor launches the full features in February. However, this is really impressive online video editor that you can play with here. Online you can upload images, audio, and video clips. Add transitions, effects, and more. Easily collaborate with others on the same video. You can also edit videos on your smartphone.
  • Vuvox-Choose from 3 different types of effective presentations- express, collage, or studio. Upload your own video clips, photos, and music and add incredible effects. You can embed this in your blog.
  • Stupeflix-Mix images, videos, and soundtracks. Add titles, transitions, and themes. There is no library of free music but you can easily embed it. See this great example.
  • Capzles-make an impressive presentation with your videos, images, and music. Moreover, blog about the experience which goes on a horizontal timeline. Also has a free app for your mobile phone!
  • Magnoto- A mix between Wallwisher and Glogster. Display your photos, videos, text and audio in unique ways on a cool background. You have the freedom to move the parts around. People can comment on the different pages and subscribe to them.
  • Scrapblog-Create multimedia scrapbooks. Upload your images and play with the themes, stickers, backgrounds, text features, and frames. Embed this in your blog.
  • Mixbook- Collaborate on a photobook with friends. Create stories, photo journals, and more with your uploaded images. You can zoom in on photos, add backgrounds, and embed this in a blog.
  • Ahead- Works like Prezi. This is an online platform for dynamic presentations. Upload videos, audio, images, pdfs, and Word documents. You can embed this.
  • Yodio- Add narration to slideshows easily through your computer or by using your phone. Embed this easily in your blog.
  • PanRaven- Create digital stories with your uploaded videos, music, and images. The site has photo editing tools and lets you embed the presentation on your blog.
  • Slideshare- Upload your PowerPoint presentations, Word documents and pdfs to embed in your blog. You can narrate your presentation.
  • Authorstream- Upload your PowerPoint presentations to embed in your blog. You can narrate your presentation and play it as a video.

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