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Trouble Shooting

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Assignment #1

Watch this video. Take notes to turn in on MSWord or Google Docs.


Assignment #2

Create a flowchart to troubleshoot using a word processing document and numbering the steps you would take.


Assignment #3

Watch Videos


Assignment #4

Create 3 Flow Charts

1.  Create three flowcharts using a graphic organizer to show your steps for the following problems:

Problem 1 - Murphy pushes the power button on her computer and nothing happens. List all of the possibilities in flow chart form on how she would troubleshoot the problem.

Problem 2 - Murphy launches her Internet browser and sees a message that tells her, "The Page Cannot Be Found". In addition, you notice that you can't get to any of your network hard drives. List all of the possibilities in flow chart form and how she would troubleshoot the problem.

Problem 3 - Over the past few days Murphy has noticed that her computer is starting to run very slowly, web pages are either not loading or she is being taken to a website that she did not intend to go to. In addition, she has been seeing pop-up boxes telling you that her computer may be infected. List the possibilities of what is wrong in flow chart form, and describe the steps you would take to eliminate the problem.


Assignment #5

This will be a two assignment.  In the first part you will be doing some research on purchasing an item from a company.  You will choose three companies to compare and you will research the reliability of the company.  In the second part of the quest you will be doing some work at home on your family computer by checking on the type of virus protection you have installed. 


 1.  In another browser (or tab) go to the Google website and select "Shopping" under the "more" tab (see image below).

Shopping Online
2.  Once you are  on the shopping site, type in an item you would be interested in purchasing.  Choose an item that is available from at least 10 different stores.  



3.  Click on the line where it says "from 25+ stores" to see the list of stores where the item is available.  Once you see the list of stores, choose three to research about on the Better Business Bureau web site or type in the name of the business in Google, along with the word "review".  Below are two examples of businesses that were selling the Stereo we searched for.  One business recieved an "F" rating, the other and "A+" rating.

F RatingA Rating (1)

4.  In a word processing document, write a paragraph about each of the businesses you researched: Include the following information and save your document in your file space.


  • the business name
  • a brief overview of their rating and/or reviews
  • whether or not there is a physical address & phone number on the businesses site
  • whether or not an "s" was included on the http address (https)
  • why you would or would not purchase from this company

5.  Part 2- Watch the movie below



Assignment #6

Have you ever had a problem with your computer that prevents you from using it to access Internet resources, contacting your friends or doing your schoolwork??

Understanding some key troubleshooting skills will allow you get your computer up and running quickly, and without waiting for someone else to help you. For this Quest you will learn how to perform basic troubleshooting on your computer, research solutions to computer problems, and share your knowledge with others.


Make a list of 10 problems a person could have in the computer lab or at home with technology. You may make a group doc in Google and share it with your table.

Here are a few resources to get you started with your search:

eHow Read
CDP Read

How Stuff Works  Search
Ask Leo Search
Butterscotch Search



Type your name

password is trouble21


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