1. Infrared Zoo Gallery (see which animals are warm and cold blooded)


2. Fun! Animal Characteristics


3. The Animal Kingdom


4. Classifying Animals


Animal Classification Games:








Animal Classification

Mammal Concentration interactive game. Match mammals and hear mammal sounds

Mammals Match Game

Mammal Concentration. Learn 8 different mammals and hear their sounds too!
Kids Educational Science Games -> Mammals

Find 11 mammals in the word puzzle!

Mammals Word search Game

Find eleven mammals hidden in the puzzle.
Kids Educational Science Games -> Mammals word seach

Mammals word game - mammal hangman - mammals wheel of fortune

Animal Classification Hangman Game

Fill in the missing letters for each animal - clue given for animal classification.
Kids Educational Science Games -> Animal Classification Hangman



Invertebrate Classification







7. Zoom in on True Bugs


8. PowerPoint 


9. Animal Classification Activity


Games & Challenges

10. A Touch of Class
11. QUIA - Characteristics of Life
12. QUIA - Animal Classification
13. QUIA - Animal Classification Jeopardy
14. QUIA - Animal Classification Millionaire
15. Living & Nonliving Quiz
16. Animal Classification Hangman
17. Animals of the World
18. Animal Classification Game
19. Animal Classification Hangman