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Constellation stories







Learn Your Constellations



******** http://www.harcourtschool.com/activity/stars/index.html


Constellation Pronunciation Guides



Two Person Game









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Constellations that can be seen all the time



Loads of Activities

















 Sky / SeasonsAlso see: CONSTELLATION LINKS
Big Dipper - The Big Dipper is part of the Great Bear constellation and it guides the way to the North Star.
CryoSat - The satellite is designed to measure changes in the Earth’s terrestrial and marine ice fields.
Equinox, Fall - The Autumn Equinox is the first day of the Season of Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.
Equinox, Spring - The Spring Equinox is the first day of the Season of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere.
Great Bear - The constellation Ursa Major appears in the northern sky.
Land of the Midnight Sun - Why doesn't the Sun set?
Latitude - For well over 2,000 years, navigators have known how to determine both direction and latitude by using the North Star.
Longitude - How did early explorers determine their east-west position on the Earth's surface?
Meteorites - Scientists search for micro-meteorites that may have fallen on the Greenland ice sheet.
North Star - Also called Polaris, polar star and polestar, it never changes its place in the sky. When you face it, you are always facing North.
Solstice, Summer - First day of the Season of Summer when the Sun is farthest north.
Solstice, Winter - The Winter Solstice is the first day of the Season of Winter when the Sun is farthest south.
Sun Leaves the North Pole - On September 24 the last edge of the Sun disappears below the horizon.
Sun Returns to North Pole - On March 18, the leading edge of the Sun peeks over the horizon at the Pole. It is officially "up".
Ursa Major - The Great Bear constellation appears in the northern sky.




3 pictures

Constellation (Draw this in Paint )

Constellation with image overlay

Constellation in night sky, with an arrow pointing to it


Story of the constellation 100 words long






2. Choose a new constellation. Make a "Wanted Poster" or a "For Sale" sign. BE CREATIVE........USE FACTS.


3. Assignment: Creatively do the following assignment. Figure out away to make it look interesting.



4. Assignment:   Galaxies and Stars Scavenger Hunt Name.docx

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