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Food Chains

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 Food Chains
 The further along the food chain you go, the less food (and hence energy) remains available.






Meadow Food Chain
Arctic Food Chain
Pond Food Chain
1,000,000 game



1. Open WORD, insert a header. Define and provide examples for each of the following groups of heterotrophs.

a) Herbivores

b) Carnivores

c) Omnivores

d) Saprophytes

e) Decomposers



2. Go to this web site:


Follow directions. After you complete each ecosystem, take a screen shot, copy it in Paint, and crop your image. Then save it to your folder. When you are finished, insert all 5 of the ecoystem screen shots to Word WITH A HEADER.  One page only. 

Deciduous Forest Ecosystem

Hot Desert Ecosystem

Grassland Ecosystem

Antartic Ocean Shore Ecosystem

Freshwater Lake ecosystem



3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/scienceclips/ages/8_9/habitats.shtml

Click the habitat

Find the plants and animals

Do the Sorter 1

And Sorter 2

And……Quiz    (RAISE hand so I can record your score)


4. Open Word. Insert a complete header. Listen to Bill Nye's "We are All Connected" (look above). Type the song lyrics in Word, add a header and print.


5. Show me your score (must be above 80)  (YOU WILL NEED TO SIGN IN.....JUST USE abc for your name)



6. Open (download and save in your file) Do the assignment

Food Chains and Food Webs Assignment.docx




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